SoCraTes 2014 Sponsorship Packages

Thank you for you interest in making SoCraTes 2014 happen with a sponsorship!

We invite you to sponsor the conference and help make this event happen. Depending on the amount you want or you are able to spend, we offer three "packages" of acknowledgement:


  • Your logo will be placed on our website to show your support of our community and the creation of sustainable, useful software.
  • You can use our logo in your marketing activities to let your customer and your future employees know about your support.
  • We allocate one ticket for you, so you can be sure to participate in the conference.
  • We gratefully mention you at the beginning and the end of our conference.
  • You can place your printed logo (size A3) on a pinboard in the plenum room of the conference. The print-out must be provided by you.


  • In our mailings and messages in social media we mention your company with a link you provide.
  • You may send us a short video sequence (20 sec. max.) which we'll show at the beginning of our conference.
  • Plus all the benefits of the Basic-package, and ...
    • ... we allocate 3 tickets for you
    • ... the printed logo may be of size A2.


  • All the benefits of the Comfort-package, and ...
    • ... we allocate 5 tickets for you
    • ... the duration of your video can be 40 seconds.
    • ... the printed logo may be of size A1. Alternatively you can place a single Roll-Up into the plenum room of the conference instead of a printed logo.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact
Joachim Schirrmacher