Protokoll 17.04.2016 (in progress)

Participants: Nicole, Alex, Reiko, Tobias

Task List

Alex and Reiko will create a list of the tasks that are necessary for the SoCraTes-Organisation in Trello. (In the beginning: "open" tasks for this year; Afterwards: A collection of all tasks for further conferences)


Tobias will contact the two sponsers which were not yet asked and also those sponsors who did not reported the amount until now.


Alex will create separate cards for the open tasks of the card "Next telco topics".

Registration / Rooms / Rooms for Sponsors

We changed the amount of the reserved rooms for sponsors in case of getting more sponsors.
Alex reminded that last year there was no free room after 17 minutes the registration opened.

Next Hangout: 04.04.2016 21:00-22:00