Nicole und Andreas fragen an:

  • Nat Pryce - erledigt (abgelehnt)
  • Gojko Adzic - erledigt
  • Pat Kua - erledigt

Martin Klose frägt an:

  • Dan North
  • Joe Rainsberger
  • Eric Dörnberg
  • Carlos Ble

Markus Gärtner fragt an:

  • Steve Freeman: keine Rückmeldung
  • Micah Martin: interessiert
  • Robert Martin: kann nicht
  • Doug Bradbury: interessiert
  • Adewhale Oshineye: keine Rückmeldung
  • Dave Hoover: unsicher
  • Emily Bache: kann nicht
  • Corey Haines: keine Rückmeldung

Mariya Angelova fragt an:

  • Roy Osherove: erledigt (abgelehnt)

Hier eine Beispiel-Einladung_
Hi ,

we organize our fourth annual Software Craftsmanship and Testing unconference on 07th to 09th August 2014 in Soltau near Hamburg, Germany. There will also be a code retreat on Sunday, 10th of August following the event.

We are glad that we found a new location that can support up to 200 participants for 2014. Last year the 70 available places were booked out in 2 minutes after the registration opened. For next year, we hope to avoid such problems by trying to scale it up.

The event will be community-driven, and low-price. That said, we will run an OpenSpace for two days with some warm-up activities on Thursday evening. We won't have any keynote speakers. SoCraTes is an unconference for craftsmen by craftsmen, and we try to invite people outside of the German speaking countries to give us new ideas as well.

We would love to have you with us. We probably won't be able to give out any travel compensations, and so on, but if you feel that would be an awesome case to get in touch with the German craftsman communities - we have formed 16 local user groups thus far, and were also glad that the UK community brought the conference format to the UK in September 2013 - we would look forward to have you with us.